Saturday, March 31, 2012

The Sewing Rut

So I guess I am not in a sewing rut, as I have accomplished another skirt in the last week and a half (to be shown next week- tutorial included:-) -but I am only doing things with deadlines that I set for myself-" Oh I'll finish this skirt so I can wear it on ___". I'v been tired and unmotivated lately, so I am spending my nights watching tv and trying to get myself to bed earlier than my normal late, late hour. I'v spent my time watching old Christy movies. If you have never watched them- you should. It is the story of a 19 year old Christian teacher who goes to teach school in the mountains of Tennessee. As she steps out to go to school the first day, her high pick shoes get stuck in the mud- she looks at the children awaiting her-they have no shoes. As she goes along she learns about the pride of the mountain families who she desperately wants to help-but they will not accept charity, she falls for a preacher and doctor and must choose between them, she helps give children who never had hope for a future to learn to read and write and dream. I confess I have never read the book- and I know most people say books are better than the movies, so if you have read the book- tell me if you liked it:-).In my opinion, watching the tv series slightly feeds your desire for mission work.

Now to show off what I meant to last week.. Here is my blue skirt-which is my favorite of all of them because I made it really full-but not too heavy that it does not hold up well.

I also made some pacifier holders- I made 6 ,because I love to use a glue gun and had really cute ribbon- but after trying for a week, I have yet to get them all in one place at one time haha. So here are four (minus a really cute farm animal and polka dot one). Sure, my little one is starting to get old for paci's in the day time-but the way this kid puts things in his mouth(esp in places like the church nursery- Id rather him have a paci with a holder) haha.
This was not my own idea-got it from Make it- Love it, but I did choose to use elastic instead of snaps( we use MAM brand pacis) so this way you can put the elastic around the round part- or loop it through the holes in the side- just make sure to make the elastic small enough if you want it to hold around the round part.

Now for what I am most proud of....

 Isn't he the cutest?! He is just starting to take steps-but hardly close to walking-crawling is so much easier.

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