Sunday, March 18, 2012

A little paint goes a long way/ Baby boy

I got cracking on that nice line of projects I mentioned on last week's post. I finished my blue skirt, made 3 pacifier holders, and (not included in the list) painted the bathroom, and hallway area. Our bathroom had really terrible chipping paint- it has been bothering me for the two years we have lived here-I finally decided last night was the night- I was going to do it! I feel so much better now.

One of the greatest feelings in life is to finally accomplish something that has been in the back of your brain for a very long time(especially if you are a mother of young children) there are so many projects that just seem like they will NEVER get done, but we do the things we want done the most, and I finally put this project above my sewing ones and cleaning the house. It gave me enough ambition to paint the hallway that was two different colors( the people before us had it white on half the hall way, tan on the other half(door way in between) the tan looked so dirty and old. So i just went for it - so what if my walls are bright white and sterile looking? We could use some of that in this house- cheers me up! It also makes the hallway look wider-which is a good thing if your claustrophobic such as myself.

 Unfortunately, no before pictures of the bathroom -I took them, but I guess they got lost lost in the mix.

 I will show the skirt and pacifier holders next week, but this week I have been a little busy preparing for this little baby....
To turn One! This is my little guy enjoying St Patrick's Day-avocado green.

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