Thursday, July 19, 2012

As the Storm Clouds Pass

I am 11 weeks pregnant, it is almost unbelievable to me that many women this far along have not even announced their pregnancy. Sometimes I wish I got to wait with that anticipation of telling people, having my own secret- but I know in the case of HG, I need all the support and prayers I can get. Although 11 weeks is hardly even a pregnancy to some women, I feel as though I have endured nearly a whole pregnancy. This is the slowest moving pregnancy I have ever experienced,mostly due to the fact I got sick 2 weeks earlier than the previous two, but I am doing my best to cherish any moment I can. If I make it a few minutes with little to no nausea, I try to enjoy it and thank God for just those few minutes which I had not had for weeks.If I only puke 3 times a day, it is something to celebrate.I am so happy to say that I have had more good days than bad the past week and I have been able to eat some regular foods and I am right now trying to "stock myself" up on fluids and food when I can tolerate it because I have a wedding to go to, and I have been so hoping to go- I just need a few more good days!.. I had originally had a dress I was making to wear but that will prob not be done unfortunately, however it is a blessing just to go and have a good time with the husband- we could use it.

What the 3rd time around the HG block has taught me:

1). It does not matter how good you did yesterday if you don't keep anything down today.
      Dehydration can hit so hard and fast, you may have only thrown up 2 times yesterday, and today you are puking 16 times.

2). The best way to chart progress I have found is by how long you stay out of the hospital and how many good days in a row.
     Just make sure you are staying out of the hospital because you are doing that well and not because you are laying on your bathroom floor dry heaving instead of going to the hospital.

3). Prevention plays a big role.
    You cannot prevent HG except by not getting pregnant, but you can help yourself out by allowing yourself to lay on the couch when your not feeling well and let go of the house and let other people help you. I thought I was doing so well so I would get up and try to do stuff, and then the next day I would be headed towards not keeping anything down. It happens so fast and hg is vicious, best rule of thumb- don't push it. Do not start doing regular tasks until you have survived 2-3 days of significantly less puking and keeping enough down to give you energy. Pick only one task a day at first and work your way up.

4). Nobody wants to need the hospital but you need to be there if you feel like your dying.
      Don't wait until your whole body shakes violently while you vomit, don't wait until your arms literally hurt and you feel like you do not have fluid around your heart. Don't wait until you can hardly stand the trip to the hospital, because you then have to wait there in the bed until they hook you up- it could be another couple hours if they need a specialist to get the iv in.I did this too myself probably 3 of the 5 times I went in. Its tourture- just go to the hospital,forget about the finances and get help. Think about your baby if you are only staying out because you feel like a wuss.HG is torture as it is, help yourself out and go to the hospital.You will have less chance of preterm labor, less chance of loosing fluid around the baby, less chance of loosing your child-its worth it.

5). STOP worrying about your other children at home, and put your health first.
   You cannot spend all your time feeling guilty- you will feel guilty but remember the baby inside of you matters too. There are times in life when one child needs more attention than the other, with HG- it starts from conception. For most women the baby being inside is the easiest part of parenthood, not for HG moms. Your not a bad mom because everyone else is enjoying the summer or holidays with their kids and taking them places and you are stuck on the couch. You have a pregnancy DISEASE, you are surviving a potentially life threatening disease and so is your baby- keep fighting and don't let in distractions. For once in your life you really have to put your own health first and just focus on trying to get fluid and food down.

Another thing to add to the last point, your children will not remember this even if they cry now. They forget so quick and they adjust. Having a sibling added to their family will be so much more joy and take away all of this time. Your baby is worth fighting for and will be completely and totally worth it, the more heartache you endure the more special that child is. Your baby is a miracle, you cannot ensure that child will make it through hg, but you can do everything to our ability to fight and know that you gave it your all for that baby-and that makes you a great mom.