Saturday, March 31, 2012

The Sewing Rut

So I guess I am not in a sewing rut, as I have accomplished another skirt in the last week and a half (to be shown next week- tutorial included:-) -but I am only doing things with deadlines that I set for myself-" Oh I'll finish this skirt so I can wear it on ___". I'v been tired and unmotivated lately, so I am spending my nights watching tv and trying to get myself to bed earlier than my normal late, late hour. I'v spent my time watching old Christy movies. If you have never watched them- you should. It is the story of a 19 year old Christian teacher who goes to teach school in the mountains of Tennessee. As she steps out to go to school the first day, her high pick shoes get stuck in the mud- she looks at the children awaiting her-they have no shoes. As she goes along she learns about the pride of the mountain families who she desperately wants to help-but they will not accept charity, she falls for a preacher and doctor and must choose between them, she helps give children who never had hope for a future to learn to read and write and dream. I confess I have never read the book- and I know most people say books are better than the movies, so if you have read the book- tell me if you liked it:-).In my opinion, watching the tv series slightly feeds your desire for mission work.

Now to show off what I meant to last week.. Here is my blue skirt-which is my favorite of all of them because I made it really full-but not too heavy that it does not hold up well.

I also made some pacifier holders- I made 6 ,because I love to use a glue gun and had really cute ribbon- but after trying for a week, I have yet to get them all in one place at one time haha. So here are four (minus a really cute farm animal and polka dot one). Sure, my little one is starting to get old for paci's in the day time-but the way this kid puts things in his mouth(esp in places like the church nursery- Id rather him have a paci with a holder) haha.
This was not my own idea-got it from Make it- Love it, but I did choose to use elastic instead of snaps( we use MAM brand pacis) so this way you can put the elastic around the round part- or loop it through the holes in the side- just make sure to make the elastic small enough if you want it to hold around the round part.

Now for what I am most proud of....

 Isn't he the cutest?! He is just starting to take steps-but hardly close to walking-crawling is so much easier.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

A little paint goes a long way/ Baby boy

I got cracking on that nice line of projects I mentioned on last week's post. I finished my blue skirt, made 3 pacifier holders, and (not included in the list) painted the bathroom, and hallway area. Our bathroom had really terrible chipping paint- it has been bothering me for the two years we have lived here-I finally decided last night was the night- I was going to do it! I feel so much better now.

One of the greatest feelings in life is to finally accomplish something that has been in the back of your brain for a very long time(especially if you are a mother of young children) there are so many projects that just seem like they will NEVER get done, but we do the things we want done the most, and I finally put this project above my sewing ones and cleaning the house. It gave me enough ambition to paint the hallway that was two different colors( the people before us had it white on half the hall way, tan on the other half(door way in between) the tan looked so dirty and old. So i just went for it - so what if my walls are bright white and sterile looking? We could use some of that in this house- cheers me up! It also makes the hallway look wider-which is a good thing if your claustrophobic such as myself.

 Unfortunately, no before pictures of the bathroom -I took them, but I guess they got lost lost in the mix.

 I will show the skirt and pacifier holders next week, but this week I have been a little busy preparing for this little baby....
To turn One! This is my little guy enjoying St Patrick's Day-avocado green.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Jersey Knit Bed Sheet to Maxi Skirt

I unfortunately do not have much to show off this weekend, as I have not accomplished a whole lot- I'v been too tired, recovering from the past few busy weeks I suppose. I did make myself yet another long maxi skirt. I am enjoying them too much- I pair them with leggings for cold days. I made this one grey with a left over pink band from my other skirt and scarf. I also made a simple knotted headband to go with it, try not to mind my " It's freezing out here" look.

Projects I am working on now are, finishing up a blue maxi skirt (yes thats right, I am going to have 4 of the same skirt(found here), just because I like it that much and I will have one to go with any shirt and season), plus they are probably one of the only article of clothing you can wear both pregnant and not pregnant- I like versatile/multiple use items. I am currently starting my infinity dress I have been web coveting for awhile- much cheaper to make than buy( I would never spend that much on a dress,90-200 dollars?.. I could make quite a few articles of clothing with that money. This one, is going to be ankle length and cost about 30 ish maybe? Then I have a few summer- Knee length skirts to be done, I think I will be changing out my entire skirt wardrobe to handmade items- anyone in need of A line summer skirts?

I like to cloth diaper my kids, and I had just enough diapers to do so on a regular basis, until my first ones I bought elastic wore out. Now I am down 6 diapers- so that is added to the list to make. As well as a couple pacifier clips.....and I think that is all my projects- not counting my Etsy shop items. One day at a time.

 Also, on buying fabric - you should never ever spend full price (if over 6-7 dollars a yard) at Jo Anns. Almost all the fabric I have bought in the last 6 months has been on some sort of sale or with a coupon. I try to NOT get the sales on the bigger price items, because the sale is usually 20-30%, occasionally 40% and often times if that happens you can not use your 40% or 50% coupon. So on more expensive items- try to buy off sale with coupon.

 Oh, and a new tip I learned recently is that, if you are going to be buying a solid one color knit material- it is generally cheaper to buy a jersey knit bed set that is the color you desire, than to buy from a fabric store.Some skirts/shirts if cut just the right length, you can use the already hemmed side/bottom of the sheet-one less step! The grey skirt I just made was from a bed set I bought for under $20, I made that skirt, had enough from that one top sheet to also cut out a knee length skirt for my sister in law (with enough scraps for waist bands/headbands etc.) and I still have two pillow cases(can be used for shirts/skirts) and a fitted sheet(2 more skirts or one simple dress). After these many projects I plan on 1). Taking a break haha, 2). Buying as much of  my material at online sales as possible(generally cheaper I'v been told), 3). Practicing new to me techniques vs actual projects.

Sunday, March 4, 2012


I was given the privilege and joy to be able to help put together a surprise baby shower for a best friend of mine. I am so happy to report that it was a complete surprise! I had so much fun helping plan and be a part of this very special memory, we figured out we have been friends for 10 years now and so much has changed in both our lives- and I am so glad to be able to look back and see how far we both have grown in so many aspects of our lives. I cannot wait to meet this little boy and for our boys to play together.

Blanket says Congratulations Shawn and Keilah

Super cute pom poms Keilah's mother made

Applique elephant onesies I put together.

Elephant Cookies my sister amber helped me make! More to come on that..

Mints, Jellybeans, and chocolate covered almonds? Very fun:-D
Awesome cake my sister Amber made:-)
Napkin Diapers with packaged mints that say baby boy, cute etc.
A few preparation shots and tips to come tomorrow. Enjoy!