Sunday, April 29, 2012

Because it Matters

One of my hyperemesis gravidarum shirts

In honor of awareness day quickly approaching and today most likely being the last day to get hg t shirts or wristbands in time for awareness day, I will not be posting any of my current projects and will instead be providing links to other hg blogs and videos so that people can separate the myth vs truths in their heads and see that although this is a "rare" disease, OVER 50,000 women are hospitalized every year- and that is not counting the ones who do not have knowledge that there is help for their condition. HG can effect any woman, any pregnancy- although it often runs in families , it can start with any woman. There is no known cause and there is no cure other than delivery. Please consider taking the time to read or watch one of these links if you are still unsure if these women are " really that sick" or overreacting to be dramatic. 

 HG does not just only affect the suffering hg woman, if they have older children they do not have a attentive mother for quite some time, relationships with spouses can be strained due to added pressure on husbands and them not being able to fully comprehend how the wife is feeling. Many women will get through this time and have a healthy baby thanks to EARLY medical help( iv fluids, nausea meds, and bedrest) but often time they do not seek that care because no one is urging them to and is instead saying in nice and not so nice ways " everyone has morning sickness, your fine dont be a baby". If you know of a woman loosing more than 5% body weight and not keeping fluids or food down for 24 hours or days in a row, i beg you to encourage her to get help. A sweet friend of mine told me that I would feel so much better if i just got fluids and that theres no way i could drink as much as they would give- because she urged me, I called the dr and they told me to go to the er right away, which may have saved my baby's life and saved me from more suffering and depression. So share these posts, put a " i support hg awareness" badge on your  facebook profile picture until may 15th, and pray for these women. Nobody chooses hg, after surviving once you pray(as everyone hopes and tries to convince) you will not relive it if you have another, they choose to have baby and are often shocked when the excitement and glowing never comes until hg ends.

the basics spoken exactly the way hg sufferers feel

Ashli McCall interview- writer of "beyond morning sickness"

"baby, your making me sick blog"

Shedding hope on hyperemesis-blog post

Marlena's HG study video  ( I have talked to this woman on the phone and she is very kind:-))

A hyperemesis video story

Info for friends and families from HER foundation

How does awareness of hyperemesis help? 

- Doctors and nurses hear about it more (even though they may not see it often) and provide more support and intervention(in a good way) quicker, leading to less abortions, miscarriages and depression.

- Families urged women to get help earlier, and do not downplay due to ignorance.

- Women have more support on the web(often the only place for support as they are too sick to go anywhere).

- More financial support of hg research, leading to healthier moms and babies.

- More information on the web for husbands and families who want to help their loved one struggling.

 - Less isolation of hg women-better emotionally/mentally.

- Insurance companies will allow and cover cost of medicines like zofran.Chemotherapy  meds are often the only medicine that help. It is your lifeline.

- More social understanding so myths and hurtful things said out of lack of compassion and ignorance will not be said to struggling women (aka. Just tell yourself your not going to puke- mind over matter. Are you sure you want this pregnancy, maybe your body is trying to get rid of it because its not meant to be? At least its not cancer,its ok if you do what you have to do God will forgive you)..yes these have all been said to these women.

- More people willing to join in research and funding- leading to finding the cause, better medicine and possible cure of HG. 

- More hospitals will allow women in labor and delivery for hg care so they do not have to wait puking in the ER for 4+ hours sometimes once  or twice a week.

HG awareness WILL save lives- and I will forever believe that every single baby should be given the best chance to survive and thrive- and every mother should be given the best chance to hold their babies alive and healthy.

If you are a mother of at least 2 children with which you have never had morning sickness/lost more than a couple pounds  and would like to be involved in the hyperemesis study which is hoped to be ended this year(2012) which has already conducted 11 studies off of the research please email me at or write a comment below. Because of this current study they are doing they have already found that there seem to be long term effects on hyperemesis babies who survive and are"healthy" including behavioral issues/mental health as adults. Study involves- saliva sample and multiple choice survey on pregnancies.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

May 15th is a Very Special Day....and Giveaway UPDATED

UPDATE/EDIT: T shirts can be sent to be received by may 15th only if you buy within the week- so do it now!!

I was finally there, I was going to feel better in a few short hours. I had answered at least 20 questions and was dressed in one of those cold hospital gowns. The huge mountain I had anticipated was before me,rising higher and higher in my head- how was I going to survive another several months of this? There is no going back now, I have to go through with this. I was going to go through 9 very long months of pregnancy, and it meant that I would be on the couch puking for the first half of it,  unable to care for my first son as normal,barely able to wash my own hair because I was too weak to hold my arms up that long and then it should/hopefully get better to where I would be able to manage it enough to only throw up once a day, and then maybe twice a week. I knew I would get there, I knew in my head I would survive-but I just could not stand the thought of it.

A second nurse came to try to get the needle in my arm, here we go again- I had been through this before- I knew the drill, try to poke me a few times, then try a smaller needle, a few times and eventually after a 4-7 painful pricks the IV would be in, then once the very slow draining bag of fluids and medicine would be in, and I would feel good enough to at least eat that night.A friendly nurse talked to me (not knowing this was not my first go around) " Just think, by twelve weeks this will all be over:-)" I wanted to cry, to which my mother in law corrected her 'well, not for her, it lasts the whole pregnancy'. " Oh, my" She did not really seem to know what to say but asked about my child at home, was it a girl or boy?, how old? and then she said (which I can never forget)" was he worth it?". The thing is, from what i remember, I did not hear her  say " wasn't he worth it!" as a statement, it was a question- " was he worth it?" It begged me to think, as a million memories like waves came through my mind- the most beautiful slide show.  Any mom will tell you, you do not even have to think before saying Yes! Of course my child was worth it. I nodded my head, tearing up then burst into tears. God sent that lady to say that to me, to change my thoughts and to remember why I had choose this again.

There were a few more hospital trips- one of which I got a ultrasound,best mental health fix for a hg sufferer. There is no way to fully explain how dark this period of time can feel as you are walking through it, and you do come out of it. Thankfully for me I came out on the other end twice, with two very healthy amazing little boys, all women are not that lucky though. I would do it all over in a heartbeat for their heartbeat if I had to.

This is just one of my my days with Hyperemesis Gravidarum but there were many more similar. Regular care tasks of yourself are goals of your day. Getting a shower is so difficult- you are too weak to stand for 10 min straight, walking from one room to another nearly always results in vomiting,you have what feels like food poisoning(or hangover- so iv been told) 24/7, laundry, dishes, nothing will get done unless someone else does it, you can't rock your babies, read to your toddler, even sing to your children because you will vomit. You think you are literally going to starve to death, you are so hungry-but your body is rejecting food and water. Those are just a few of the physical aspects, but there are some very real mental problems- Depression and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder being the most common. You fear for the life of your child most days.You are left,even after the birth of your child with an intense fear of pregnancy, any time you feel nauseous it brings back all your memories. What I personally went through was what I would consider average/normal HG, many women have it much worse and live in the hospital for weeks- months or are at home with a nurse that comes to care for medications through PICC and IVs. Vomiting up 10-20 times a day is "normal" for this condition-but it DOES need medical attention.

 "HG is a debilitating and potentially life-threatening pregnancy disease marked by rapid weight loss, malnutrition, and dehydration due to unrelenting nausea and/or vomiting with potential adverse consequences for the newborn(s)."

" I'm a tougHG uy survivor"

 Where you come in:

What a depressing post right?! So here is what you can do, May 15th is the FIRST EVER Hyperemesis Gravidarium Awareness Day. It is means huge things to those of us who are and have suffered HG. In honor of May 15th the HER Foundation is selling t shirts- which you can buy HERE for only 10-12 dollars, you can also buy ones for those suffering,and babies of HG mothers. Please consider spending the 10-12 dollars and supporting awareness and wearing your t shirt May 15th. Or if you know someone who has or is stuggling- buy them a shirt. You can also just donate 10 dollars. Don't have 10 dollars? Share this post on facebook, google +, twitter, and pinterest.

I will be doing a giving away. If you do buy a shirt,or donate and get a HG wristband or keychain take a picture of it ON YOU or Your children and send it to me by May 20th and I will enter you to win a homemade gift, for every 5 people I will add and draw another gift for another person,if emails are 5 and under, each person will receive a gift. Sorry, US participants only, one email per family. Email your pictures to or like and message me on Itsy Bitsy Little Blessings on facebook.

 I have not decided on all the gifts, but they will be along the lines of burp cloths,pacifier holders,cloth wipes,crinkle squares,and if there is a large amount of emails with pictures- a "tester" cloth diaper- one that I have made that I will give and ask for feedback on.

To stay updated- like IBLB on facebook, left side bar has link

This is not my video, but it brings light to a bit of HG.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Highwaisted/Paperbag Skirt, with Cordinating Blue Hem& Sash

These skirts are kinda a "in" thing right now. I have seen many different pictures of them, and a few tutorials-but many versions have not been quite what I am looking for/my style. I have had this material since the end of last summer, patiently waiting for uninterrupted time to make a "plan of action" and carry it out.. ok and I had no motivation once the cold weather came rolling in!

There was a mix up in the amount of material, so i ended up with less than I wanted but instead of taking it back( I DESPISE returning items) I cut it length wise and decided to add a hem with a blue material that matches the skirt.

What you need:
1. Material the size you wish ( I actually bought about a yr and a half and cut it length wise- front and back pieces)

2. Inner sturdy material (about 1and 1/4th yard), I have seen one tutorial on make it love it where she makes one and just folds over the material(if it is big enough and sturdy enough) My material was pretty thin so I bought this real stiff lining.

3). Approx. A yard of coordinating/matching material.

4). Elastic 1- 1 1/2 width.- Length long enough to fit around your waist.

5). Thread 

Add caption
1). Cut Outer Material length wise so you have two pieces (mine were 1 1/2 yards wide and about 21 1/2 inches in length and that was too big- i ended up taking on about 4-7 inches).
2). Cut out 2 of your inner material about the same size as the first or slightly less to avoid trimming.
3). Cut out 2 of your hem material- I wanted it folded over so I made it double the width I desired ( 9 inches).
4). Cut out 2 of your top material(if your inner material does not match well with your print( Mine was tan and cream-I thought the blue would give a nice touch instead).( 6 inches wide)
5).  Optional-Cut out 2 of sash material-(Mine was 5 1/2 inches wide).

 6). Pin your top matching color to your sturdy material and sew around all 4 edges.

 7). Pin together the outer fabric facing towards the matching and sew-BELOW the line you already made on the blue material.

 8). Turn right side out and iron/pull fabric nicely and top stitch.

 9). Add hem piece to bottom- same side as top material( remember you are going to fold this over towards the front to the length desired).

 10). After this is sewn and you turn fabric over and fold over hem material, you will want to fold and iron bottom(so you will not see the raw edge.

I ironed the crease to make sure it was all even across bottom

 11). Serge ends and fold over and sew- or roll twice and sew if you do not have serger.

 12). Here you have two choices 1.  Pleat your front fabric- I do not have any real answer on how big or how many to do-but judge by how much fabric you have, and how you wish it too look(hold it up to yourself and make sure it goes across your front and half of your side). Or 2. Choose to do elastic through the whole thing(this is what I choose for my little girl ones and prefer!)

 Your front piece is completed, do the back piece the same only with no pleating.

 13). Make two lines big enough for your elastic to go through( elastic casing) and put your elastic through- using a large safety pin to feed.

14). Put the right side together- with " right sides" together:-D (main fabrics facing each other) -sorry no picture.

15). Hold up to self and make sure it is the right size- cut if needed.

16). Sew left side together and turn right side out.

17). Optional- make a sash or use a belt.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Resurrection Day!

I trust everyone has enjoyed their Easter today. We had a great day at church and with family. I especially enjoyed watching my oldest(that sounds so strange to me-hes 2 1/2) child  try to fly a kite and play with bubbles- a really great memory! I had been nearly completed in my blog post, but left my camera with my last two pictures at my grandmother's. Now due to that mishap-you getting to enjoy my hodge podge Easter links:-). My little(oldest) Isaac buddy asked me today " why did people hurt Jesus-they put him on a cross!?" and I must say I was not sure what angle to go into this at- if I made it too simple, id risk not taking my full advantage in teaching him about Christ, if I was too complex he may just shut off and not get anything. I did what i thought was best.." You know sweetie- I am sure Daddy would LOVE to explain that to you, lets go ask him". My husband gave him the simple answer.

Celebrating the Easter season

 Teaching Kids about Easter- Veggie Tales Creator talks with Fotf

 Easter Song- Keith Green

Run Peter Run- donut man( for kids)

My Redeemer Lives- Nicole C Mullen ( personal favorite)