Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Resurrection Day!

I trust everyone has enjoyed their Easter today. We had a great day at church and with family. I especially enjoyed watching my oldest(that sounds so strange to me-hes 2 1/2) child  try to fly a kite and play with bubbles- a really great memory! I had been nearly completed in my blog post, but left my camera with my last two pictures at my grandmother's. Now due to that mishap-you getting to enjoy my hodge podge Easter links:-). My little(oldest) Isaac buddy asked me today " why did people hurt Jesus-they put him on a cross!?" and I must say I was not sure what angle to go into this at- if I made it too simple, id risk not taking my full advantage in teaching him about Christ, if I was too complex he may just shut off and not get anything. I did what i thought was best.." You know sweetie- I am sure Daddy would LOVE to explain that to you, lets go ask him". My husband gave him the simple answer.

Celebrating the Easter season

 Teaching Kids about Easter- Veggie Tales Creator talks with Fotf

 Easter Song- Keith Green

Run Peter Run- donut man( for kids)

My Redeemer Lives- Nicole C Mullen ( personal favorite)


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