Saturday, March 10, 2012

Jersey Knit Bed Sheet to Maxi Skirt

I unfortunately do not have much to show off this weekend, as I have not accomplished a whole lot- I'v been too tired, recovering from the past few busy weeks I suppose. I did make myself yet another long maxi skirt. I am enjoying them too much- I pair them with leggings for cold days. I made this one grey with a left over pink band from my other skirt and scarf. I also made a simple knotted headband to go with it, try not to mind my " It's freezing out here" look.

Projects I am working on now are, finishing up a blue maxi skirt (yes thats right, I am going to have 4 of the same skirt(found here), just because I like it that much and I will have one to go with any shirt and season), plus they are probably one of the only article of clothing you can wear both pregnant and not pregnant- I like versatile/multiple use items. I am currently starting my infinity dress I have been web coveting for awhile- much cheaper to make than buy( I would never spend that much on a dress,90-200 dollars?.. I could make quite a few articles of clothing with that money. This one, is going to be ankle length and cost about 30 ish maybe? Then I have a few summer- Knee length skirts to be done, I think I will be changing out my entire skirt wardrobe to handmade items- anyone in need of A line summer skirts?

I like to cloth diaper my kids, and I had just enough diapers to do so on a regular basis, until my first ones I bought elastic wore out. Now I am down 6 diapers- so that is added to the list to make. As well as a couple pacifier clips.....and I think that is all my projects- not counting my Etsy shop items. One day at a time.

 Also, on buying fabric - you should never ever spend full price (if over 6-7 dollars a yard) at Jo Anns. Almost all the fabric I have bought in the last 6 months has been on some sort of sale or with a coupon. I try to NOT get the sales on the bigger price items, because the sale is usually 20-30%, occasionally 40% and often times if that happens you can not use your 40% or 50% coupon. So on more expensive items- try to buy off sale with coupon.

 Oh, and a new tip I learned recently is that, if you are going to be buying a solid one color knit material- it is generally cheaper to buy a jersey knit bed set that is the color you desire, than to buy from a fabric store.Some skirts/shirts if cut just the right length, you can use the already hemmed side/bottom of the sheet-one less step! The grey skirt I just made was from a bed set I bought for under $20, I made that skirt, had enough from that one top sheet to also cut out a knee length skirt for my sister in law (with enough scraps for waist bands/headbands etc.) and I still have two pillow cases(can be used for shirts/skirts) and a fitted sheet(2 more skirts or one simple dress). After these many projects I plan on 1). Taking a break haha, 2). Buying as much of  my material at online sales as possible(generally cheaper I'v been told), 3). Practicing new to me techniques vs actual projects.

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