Saturday, January 28, 2012

The Power of Laughter

If you are too busy to laugh, you are too busy.  ~Proverb

My husband has had quite the run this week a nasty cold/sore throat turned into a ear infection and tonsillitis, fever etc. He has been sleeping most of the last few days and is doing much better today. Last night we got to spend some quality time together just sitting together watching comedy videos on you tube. Not something we would normally do but after a hard week for all of us, we both needed to just laugh- how often do you get to really laugh? I think most of our answers would probably be, not enough. So, if you need to just have some fun and you don't have much money- you tube is a great alternative to a night out. Make yourself some pop corn or dessert, maybe some hot chocolate and try not to take life so serious all the time.It can really make a difficult week so much better. I can be a pretty serious person so this is a good reminder for me.

 Here were some of our favorites:

Brad Stine- Airbags are for babies -LOL
"Babies" Tim, Bob and John 
Teenagers- Tim, Bob and John 
Marriage- Tim,Bob and John 
Bob Smiley on Childcare 
Tim hawkins on Dangerous Toys <3
 Tim Hawkins on Bad Candy 
Tim Hawkins on Hand Sanitizer 
Tim Hawkins on favorite Bible verse 
Tim Hawkins- Products 
Tim Hawkins- Imagine 
Tim Hawkins- The wife song 
Tim Hawkins-Chick Fil A 
Tim Hawkins on food choices 
Tim Hawkins on raising kids 
Brad Stine- Barney vs Captain Kangaroo 
Brad Stine- Pardon Me 
 Brad Stine-Chopsticks

So consider a stay in date night with some good comedy:-D! 

Next week I should have a few new creations to show off,but until then check out my new shop banner my friend Carolyn made for me here. Currently 20% of profits go to help care for orphans as well as helping christian families adopt with Show Hope.

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  1. Love laughter! I'm looking forward to going through the ones I haven't seen after Matt finishes his paper... apparently these videos and my laughter is distracting or something hehe :)