Saturday, January 21, 2012

From Dumping Grounds To Craft Room

 Due to some technical difficulties, I am late on this post- but here it is:-). Do you have a dumping room in your house? Ever since we moved in this is the one room we have not painted or done anything with, I was so excited to get my hands on it so it finally feels like we are not walking in to someone elses kids room every day. This is what was:

The closet attached


My sewing/craft area in our living room

 This is what is :-) :

Took this idea from

Magnetic make up board(from etsy)

A few of the people that matter most to me

The never ending mend/working project pile

Curtain I made that I was waiting for a sale, will be adding some pink to the top as well.

This is how I store my fabric for my business

I like to crochet too

Notice no shelf on the desk anymore...

This is a ribbon holder I had got that does not work well standing up and down- you pull on one ribbon they all come undone, works best on the wall

I did have a shelf on top of that desk before right? I decided to fix up the closet a bit as well, we now have a family closet down in the laundry room, took the clothing bars out and made it into a mini play room with a toddler bench from the table shelf.


  1. Looks great Ashley!!:D


  2. BTW... I like the new page setup!