Friday, February 3, 2012

A Skirt I Want to Wear

My nights this week have been taken up with making this skirt. It is my second time working with knit fabric, my first was a blanket for my baby which was plain and simple 4 straight seams, no bells or whistles. However this time I was determined to make something I would actually want to wear. So i cut out my fabric(the wrong way), apparently the knit I got was a one direction stretch fabric and I cut it the non stretch way which means that I had to add another panel. Since I had to add another panel, I had to change the shape of the bottom and pleat it in some form because it was too big. Then I sewed my seams with my new serger-which was great, however my fabric was a bit puckered (too much tension or pulling the fabric on my part)on the seams regardless of my trying to fix it. I then decided to just hid my seams to which I decided to wrap around the edges and walla! It worked and I have a skirt I will actually wear! It is super comfy, in the winter you can wear it with leggings and boots to keep warm, in the summer you can wear it with just flip flops. After the skirt was done I then realized that the seams did not look nearly as bad when I looked at the finished product- oh well, still looks good!

I added another burp cloth set to my Etsy Shop. Set of two burp cloths, elephants on front, polka dots on back.
Go ahead and check it out!

I have a set of butterfly purple and pink burp cloths coming up this next week, as well as working on a nursing cover for a friend. If anyone has a custom order they would like feel free to contact me through my Etsy shop on Bitsy Blessings Facebook(link in side bar)

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