Saturday, February 25, 2012

This Week Project Priorities

Wow, so much to do for different events in the next few months-but you know, its really not that much as long as I keep moving, ya know what I mean? The more I sit and overwhelm myself the bigger it actually is, whereas if I just pick one thing and cross it off-it will all get done on time.Sewing/project wise I made a priority list for the next four weeks- and this time I was realistic, and it just so happens it looks like I will be done 2 weeks worth of projects within a week and a couple days.

This week the  projects were to mend a jingle block where the sewing machine did not catch,finish a nursing cover for a friend, and a set of burp cloths that have been waiting to be top stitched for a couple weeks now(for the etsy shop). I have yet to list it on etsy, I will as soon as I find my camera charger, or find a friend to take pictures for me.So, again, these are from my phone- sorry I know its a huge blog no no, but I am doing it anyways- try not to remember this when im famous! haha.

Oh! I also fixed my blogging problems because I was under edit HTML instead of Compose- yes, I am officially blog illiterate-oh well! All fixed, and they made some nice changes so you can drag your photos where you want them,instead of always popping at the top and messing up your already written post-good job blogger!

Here are a few pictures
I gave different length options with extra snaps.

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