Saturday, February 11, 2012

Mommy Tip Plus Future Post Tease

Getting out of the door with my kids, is probably the hardest part of going out- once they are buckled in the car seats I take a breath and start driving. I just cannot stand getting everything together to go out- and I realize part of that is organization- picking the clothes out the night before is a big help, as well as having coats and shoes in the same place. Another big help to getting out the door is having the diaper bag packed.My friend and I thought that it would be best to have a diaper packing list(not just a head one)- does anyone have one? Maybe I am behind the times. Having had two under two,One under a year and one towards the end of potty training(we have the occasional accident, every day is very different, we can have 4 days of no accidents and then the next day and a half we cant seem to make it at all- anyone else?)... ok well I should not say we, I can make it just fine thank you:-). So where was I? Ah, yes the diaper list. Here is my list for my 2 1/2 yr old and 10 1/2 month old (so far).

Diaper Bag List
2 size 4 Diapers
2 Burp cloths
2 Pacifiers
2 Pacifiers
1 Pack of Wipes
Sippy Cup
Small Toy
Light Blanket
Heavy Blanket for Car
Extra Outfit

Sippy Cup
2 pairs of Underwear
2 extra pairs of pants
1 Book
Toy/ Stuffed Animal

Mommy Essentials:
Hand Cream
Hand Sanitizer
Nursing Cover
2 Nursing Pads
1 pair of Glasses
1 Lense Cleaner(for baby smudges on my glasses)

Additional Items:(Special trips like shopping)
Grocery Shopping:
Cloth Grocery Bags
Finger Snacks

I also plan on making a all day out diaper packing list(yes believe it or not this is just for a 2-4 hour trip, when I go down the road (1-1 1/2 hrs away) to visit my family I usually have pj's,bathing suits and towels in the summer,extra diapers,changes of clothes,lots of snacks just in case(particularly when I have a 1 yr old who cannot eat raw veggies and tough foods)and other misc. things. I have always been an over packer, however there was one instance where I had no extra pants for my son and it was freezing and I would rather be over prepared than under prepared.I also plan on helping myself out a bit by putting a few of the extras in the car and not actually in the diaper bag(extra clothing and diapers)

I plan on laminating it and putting check boxes so I an use a dry erase marker each time- I am thinking this is especially great for husbands, no excuse not to know what is needed fellas!

So.. I want to hear from you, do you have a list written down or is it all in your head like it has been for me.Sure all in your head works, until you forget something- or like me keep packing extra because you do not have time to go and look, so you end up with 4 pants for your two yr old and no underwear. What items do you never use? What items do you always seem to need?

Now for a Tease, next week I will hopefully be able to show you what all this is for....

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ps.(do you say that in blogs?)Blogger is acting up really bad for me tonight, so I have no fancy bold letters and no ability to add captions:-(. Will update if it changes back to normal settings!

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