Monday, June 4, 2012

Double Stroller Review

I really like to take my kids outside for walks,but we live around many hills and had a sit and stand stroller that just could not make it up the hill without steering badly into a ditch, which I could not get out of without having my two year old get out on a hill where cars fly. Finally one day after running into a ditch- I decided that is it!  I already did not hardly take them out on stroller rides even though I desperately wanted to, because I could not handle pushing them up the hill. I also sometimes run/jog for a very short time with the stroller(sit and stands are absolutely not made for this) it sounded like it was going to fall apart. The other problem was that at the age they are now I like to take them into stores in the stroller when I am not getting anything real big and my oldest is still young enough that he would sleep at times when hes exhausted making for better trips-only there was no back to the seat.
The new stroller

So I consigned my highchair, my single stroller I had not used much from the first, and the sit and stand. I then did over a week worth of searching every free moment on the internet for just the right stroller. There are a lot of great ones, unfortunately you cannot have everything in one package always. I liked the Phil and Ted, but USED they are around 350 ish and up often and do not have the storage space I would like. I also liked the Britax B-Ready(similar with a few more bells and whistles) but that was also out of price range. I finally decided this one just was calling to me(strange?) I just felt a special attachment to it- maybe God was helping me out as well. I decided it was close to the price range  if I consigned all my items. I was still searching on Craigslist for all different ones(as well as jogging ones).

 One day I found the exact stroller I was considering for less than half the price and it was in "like new" condition. We went to get it right away- and I have not looked back:-D I am crazy about it. The lady who sold it, only complaint(why she was getting rid of it) was that it was " too bulky"..but if you know me, you know I never ever pack light in general(specifically kids). Every time I have not packed something I needed it- so I pack it all. The amount of storage space underneath is excellent(could carry three of my large sized diaper bag). I absolutely love that the kids can face each other (they were so giggly and love to chat with each other./babble). I was able to walk up the one hill that I normally fight with the stroller- only this time with ONE hand on the stroller. My oldest is going to get a bit too tall if he wants to put his head back and sleep but that's about it. The rest bar is great for babies whose head fall forward when they sleep(my youngest did the first long walk ). I honestly cannot say enough good things about it- turns a million times easier than my sit and stand. It is not made for jogging but it does have some tread on the tires and did quite well with a little bit of running-nothing jiggled nothing sounded like it would fall apart. Of course I would guess its nothing compared to a jogging stroller for turning, lightness and very rough terrain but it is just perfect for us who go both in stores,up hills, pavement and a little gravel. A huge selling point(I got the newer version from what I have read-there are two- both seats FULLY recline..and I mean fully- perfect for young babies and toddlers. I also got the attachment for a baby seat with the one I got. The boys can both face outward, both face me, one face out ward -one face me, face each other. I love the options! The shades cover much more than average strollers-which I love.

Fits two children
Full recline
Adjustable foot rests
Full sun shade
Multiple Positions
Car seat adaptable
Cup holder and compartment for keys and such
Large storage underneath
Rest bar
5 point harness belts
Easy to change seats around
Easy to turn
Easy to push

Not meant for jogging-but its not a jogging stroller;-)
Heavy stroller weight
Often have to take seats off to put in car

...I am a little biased. Hope this helps someone!

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