Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Get Your Emails And Messages In!

The 20th was supposed to be the last day to get your pictures with your hg awareness shirts or wristbands and send them to me to be entered to be entered for baby/toddler prizes, since I forgot to do a reminder like I had planned I will allow until the end of tonight to email. Right now I know of two people that will be entered, so up to 3 more people and each one will receive something( and i will offer you choices). Above that 3 everyone has a 1 in 5 chance. itsybitsylittleblessings@gmail.or itsybitsylittleblessings facebook page ( link in sidebar).

Thanks to all who raised awareness on social media and passing out flyers/brochures and speaking with hospitals and dr offices,as well as signing the petition for hg funding. I will update later about how awareness day went:-)
Posing with my shirt- you don't have to pose;-)

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