Wednesday, May 9, 2012

My HG Video Story Plus More

 My Awareness Day Videos



HG Flyer and Brochure

found here

Pictures for Social Media Sites

We would like to cover the social media with info on May 15th ( they will love us I am sure), as well as send letters to ob/gyns thanking them for their care and informing them of the HER foundation's efforts and the need for early, quick care for these moms and babies. Please pin on pinterest and share on facebook, twitter, and google +. Advocate and Educate the public so that one day soon there will be no more"crackering" *giggles*.

Please note- There are more pictures coming by Tuesday(May15th), and if you have/had HG and have a requested one(nothing too gross and no curse words etc) comment or email 


  1. I LOVE the saltine sign! Haha!! One of the most insulting things people kept telling me was to drink Sprite and eat Saltines. I really wanted to shove crackers down their throats but I just didn't have the energy.

  2. Thanks Traci! I understand your feelings a little too well on the crackers;-)