Saturday, December 31, 2011

Veggie Tales Magnet Friends

Next week I am very excited to show some before and after pictures of my new craft room, but for now I will just show one of the gifts I made for my 2yr old for Christmas.

My son loves Bob and Larry so when I saw this from Make It-Love it I knew Veggie Tales magnet friends would be an awesome homemade gift for my little guy and cost me very little.

I only had a few days before Christmas so even if I did find cut outs of Bob and Larry- i would not have time to get them or want to pay for shipping, so I printed out coloring pictures from the internet, colored more than I ever have in my life( I am not the coloring type), and then cut it out, used contact paper to cover, cut it out of that,cut magnet tape instead of magnet sheets because our Walmart did not have them. It turned out just as I had hoped:-) He loves them, and I decided to stick with my cheap small dollar store cookie sheet because I figured he can carry it around  if we go out, and at home he can play with them on our fridge- I am not a crazy fridge magnet/picture person so there is plenty of room. Hopefully this inspires someone to think outside the box when you see tutorials that you do not quite have the items for or alter to your liking!

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