Friday, December 9, 2011

Baby Doll Swaddle Blanket From Fitted Crib Sheet

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A few weeks ago I went to a 3 yr old birthday party for a little girl. I wanted to make her something personal,but only had about 30 minutes and came across this fitted sheet her mom had given me and asked if I thought i could make anything out of it. I had nothing in mind at the time,but it was cute material, so I took it. I had a little Velcro for another project I had yet to start. I decided to make a swaddle blanket from a corner of the sheet for her baby dolls. I unfortunately forgot to take a picture with it around, must have gotten distracted when my toddler woke up. But I can still show and tell what I have and maybe you will make one for your little girl, or the one down the street, or maybe it will inspire you to create other things from old crib sheets. Please feel free to comment with any ideas or projects you have done! This blog has been acting up the last few entries and only allowing me to put all the pictures either at the top, or all together without writing in between- so bare with me as all the pictures are together with directions at the bottom. If you know how to fix this, do me a favor and let me in on the secret:-)!

Alright here we go...

And you find your corner, take a baby doll, or stuffed animal and set it inside that little corner pouch to see how high you need to cut. As you can see, I was in a rush and my fabric scissors are less than ideal for sure( another thing to add to my business wish list). But it does not have to be perfect we are going to fold it nice and pretty:-). Next you want to fold over that upper edge and iron. If you are an ideal sewer, you will take out your ruler and measure this to a 1/4 or 1/2 inch. But if you have about 30 minutes, like me.. you will use your amazing, wait for it.... God given eyeballs. Then to make it nice and pretty, you are going to do the same thing again so you have a finished edge, so just fold over that nice fold you did, pin and  iron and sew the seam. Make sure to make the corners nice so no raw edges are showing as shown in picture 10. Then wrap it around and decide where you want your velcro pieces. I really liked working with fusible velcro, just take off the tab,stick it on, and turn the fabric over(so that you are ironing on the fabric over top of the velcro) I believe mine said to do it for 90 seconds. You need to move the iron back and forth as well as have the iron on steam. Then thats it! Mine turned out a bit small, because I did not plan enough for seam allowance(since we rolled for a finished edge), so think about that. Let me know if you try it out!

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