Friday, November 25, 2011

Fabric Friday, Oh Yeah!

What,You say it is black Friday? No way, I had no idea. I do not like crowds, going out with babies for a long time, sitting in traffic- especially sitting in traffic with a baby. No, thank you. I will stay home.... 

Are you kidding me? There was NO way I was going to miss Jo Ann's huge sale on flannel, no way. Unless that is of course, I had no way to get there.

Driving home from thanksgiving dinner, I saw a deer on the right side of the road and decided to be very alert, staring in front of me all directions. If I was just careful enough, nothing would happen. About a minute later.... BAMMMMM. uh, yes a deer just ran INTO the side of my car-but I still did not see it (remember i was focusing on the road and sides-in front of me, and it was pitch black on the left side of the road). Maybe God had me see that other deer, so i would watch the road, so I would not swerve. Whether or not I know there is a reason I saw that deer and got that feeling like something was about to happen. God is Good. So we are down a car, and a couple hundred dollars-could be worse and thankfully I have a separate account for my business that had a little in it.

So, there I was without a car- when my very generous friend Laura decided to drive 40 minutes and take me to Jo Ann's! So we got out this morning and got some great deals, it was crazy-pretty much no traffic the entire time we were out, best black Friday ever! Now we did have to wait forever and a day to get our fabric cut out. There was a woman there with an entire cart full of already CUT fabric, yes that would mean she must have had at least 3-4 cart fulls of bolts before it was cut. Luckily Jo Ann's had plenty of fabric-they were stocked up! Nothing to worry about there, just the very long line. It was not so bad though, we walked around while we waited for them to go from number 80 to number 10( almost everyone's cart was as filled as ours). As we were getting our fabric cut,the next persons number was 78-ouch. Now seems like a good time to show off what I got, plenty of time to order for Christmas.

^ For baby jingle blocks and crinkle squares.

^ For baby jingle blocks as well.
Some of these I already had, most of them are new. This page is acting up and will not continue to let me put pictures below this, so I will be making a new post showing off a few things I have made recently.In the meantime, let me know what fabrics are your favorites!

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