Friday, November 18, 2011

Customer Satisfaction- A Few Do's and Dont's from your Average Joe

First off, life is starting to get crazy. I accomplished almost everything I wanted to before the wedding last weekend, the wedding was beautiful! I did the brides hair and it was pretty gorgeous, if I do say so myself, pictures and tips to come later. I actually did not end up wearing my dress,but that is a story of its own( more on that later in the post).

I wanted to show off this necklace I got custom made on Etsy. I somehow came across Baby Jewlz and absolutely loved her style, she has a necklace,bookmark, earrings or ring for just about anyone. Her prices are affordable and she was very friendly and thorough, she wrote back and forth with me several times to get to know exactly what I wanted. She ordered in new charms for my necklace and gave me plenty of options, including necklace size.I saw a sewing machine necklace she had that I really loved, but I also enjoy crocheting and I loved this one flower necklace she had so we incorporated several things and she made me a charm necklace, and I love it! Now a picture: 

 In case you are wondering, the ruby charm and aquamarine color, is for my sons(birth stones), the heart locket to symbolize my husband, and the blow dryer and scissors are because I am a cosmetologist. 

Now as if that was not enough she also had wonderful wrapping and even had it come in this awesome little tin that has a sewing machine picture on the top. 

She even had a little note on a piece of paper that matched her Etsy banner and backgrounds for her necklace pictures.It was very nicely put together.

I would absolutely buy from her again, so go and check out her stuff if you are looking for jewelry or book marks this Christmas season, or even if you need ideas for other people for yourself! I received no compensation for this- just a happy customer.

Now more on that dress. I think I am pretty big on principles and morals. I really believe in being an honest customer and seller. I'v had at least two occasions where I found items underneath my baby's car seat in a shopping cart while getting my kids in the car,both under $2. With a toddler and baby it is really quite tempting to add that to my bags and continue on my day. My parents raised me right though,and I have the Holy Spirit in my life- so there is no way on earth I could live with myself without going back in there and paying for it. Usually walking with a 30 lb kid on my right hip and a 20 lb baby in his car seat on my left arm. Some days are just exhausting! What kind of role model would I be if I did not though?

Bunny trail....
 One of my strong personal opinions is that, if you want to teach your kids something, demonstrate it in your own life. I am absolutely not perfect, and my kids sure are not either-especially that toddler character! This is not to brag, but just as an example. My son Isaac, says thank you more than any 2 year old I know, he may not always say it in public and when he feels pressured- he wont say it every single time. When we are at home though, there is generally a whole lot of thanking going around " Here you go Isaac" ' thanks!', " Would you like some water?" 'Oh, thank you mommy'. Do not be fooled, he is most definitely a two year old, this is not a beaver cleaver household-but the kid has some really good manners for his age. I am sure he will be up to proving me wrong next time you see him though haha, is that not the way it always works? But the one day I was talking to my husband about him and thinking, why does he say thank you more than any of the other words? He says please, and excuse me even, but thank you is the one i hear all the time, usually several times a day.I am sure it is partly because we say as most parents "what do you say Isaac?" but I see parents everywhere do that and the kids generally still need to be reminded nearly every time(they are kids after all). Then I realized when I ask Isaac to do something and he does, I say thank you (I am not above him. "We have equal but separate roles " as Kevin Leman says). Saying thank you to your children does not mean that you are not in authority, or that because you were polite you did not also give a command. When we are in public and a store employee helps me out, he hears me say thank you at least two times generally. Never underestimate your influence in your child's life. If you want to teach your child a particular character trait, you need to teach yourself it first. Next trait to teach myself- Orderliness, i think that will take a few years at least.

 Alright now that I went off on a bunny trail, onto that dress. I went to get my dress dry cleaned the other day, they said it would be done on Thursday. I had to leave for the wedding on Friday around noon, and I wanted to do some more altering to it. I went over around 9 am to pick it up and something seemed up when I got the " ohh, ohh, the,the dress? Can you pick that up later today, around five". My first thought was " what did you do? I am sure the gems fell off and your gluing them back on" Then I stood there for five uncomfortable minutes, while this lady played with my baby and put her fingers on his lips to move them to see his teeth. 
I am awful at these situations, just awful. I am standing there thinking, what can I do, how do I leave without being rude?  Finally she says thank you for letting her play with my baby. I took him home and washed his hands. I came back with both the kids in the rain to pick up my dress, she offers to bring it out to the car for me. Alright something is probably up, or shes just being nice because my hands are literally full. I look at the dress under the car light and a few of the gems seem off a bit, but i can't see that clearly, the kids were fussy since it was dinner time for us. So we went home. When I got home, I was disgusted. Seriously? The gems that were on it were all pink, now i had 4 gems that were white,and bigger than the others. Its noticeable all right. 

I did not have time to take it back, or fix it myself. So I had to pick out another dress in my closet (which I was blessed to have) and sewed the front of that one up more, late that night. I am upset my dress got messed up, but what I am MORE upset about is the sneakiness. If the lady would have been honest with me before hand and told me they might fall off, or that they had and would I like them to replace them- that would be different. I think we would all say we appreciate honest business, this was not and they will not be getting my business again. Now I still have yet to take it back, because if there is one thing everyone knows I cannot stand to do, its return items. I am practically shaking at the thought of confronting someone, but I have to. You cannot let people do business like this and not at least confront them and/or get your money back. Haha, but I will not go alone, what are husbands for?!


  1. WOW that is noticeable! Can't believe someone would even try to hide that! Love your necklace btw. Can't wait to see you wearing it!

  2. I am appalled!! I cannot believe they did this to your dress. I would definitely confront them..all the while maintaing a Christian spirit...which I find is terribly hard when I feel as though I have been wronged. Keep us updated on the status of the situation! Love you!
    Btw - FINGERS in this MOUTH?!?! what are people thinking?!?!?!??

  3. I know, I know. I am trying to decide myself how a christian should approach this.Right now, Aaron disputed the charges on the card(as i payed before hand so i would not have to later with the kids)and wrote a complaint of what was wrong, they will send that to the dry cleaners. I guess we go from there. I just about had a heart attack when I saw her go for his lips, I wonder how awkward it would be if i went up to her and asked to check out her teeth-hehe.

  4. lol I'd probably bring my man with me too.