Monday, December 31, 2012

Life Keeps Moving

In case you thought I forgot I have a blog, I have not- just been extremely busy with life:-) and happy to be able to enjoy it after being bedridden the first part of pregnancy. So much has happened in the last couple months! I guess you could say 2012 has been mostly" good to us" besides having hyperemesis-the real reason for it is awesome- we are having a baby and  for those of you who don't know, we have recently bought our first house/home and we LOVE it. So many little small things have made this change worth it, a dishwasher next to the sink- as small as that may sound it feel as though it has changed my life,because doing dishes is so quick and easy-which will come in hand with the baby:-).

 A warmer house has been a very appreciated change, as well as doing my wash in the warm house and not having to go out on the back porch with a jacket:-). My third favorite thing is that my children have a school/play room which means my kitchen and living room are generally much easier to keep clean. Moving to a new area has been an adjustment, not knowing where ANYTHING is, has been very odd to me- since the last places we have lived we have been around/grown up near, but today I braved the roads WHILE my gps was not working and I had no cell phone service, and managed to find my way until I got the gps up and working-yay!.. ok it might not have been the fastest route but it was not too off :-D. Overall we are very blessed and enjoying our new home , there is still some regular hanging up things and such to do, but I am almost done our "baby cove" in our room which I am very excited about:-). I will have blog post with pictures of that and baby items I am making soon.

 Which brings me to the next tid bit you would not know if you were not a friend or family member..drum roll please....we are having............................ our first baby Girl!- at least that's what they told me and they were positive so hopefully "they" (the doctor, intern and sonogram tech) are right:-D. My family and friends had a beautiful baby girl shower for me a few weeks ago before we moved. I was so blessed and thankful to be given a baby shower,being it was my first baby- but I really was in need of some GIRL things as everything I have is blue:-) Very much appreciated- thank you to everyone who made the day awesome:-)

 Photos by Carolyn: Sweet memories facebook
Cake by Amber:Amber's website
Elephant onesies by Keilah:Thread of Life facebook

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