Sunday, October 7, 2012

DIY Kids Wall Decor/ Dr. Suess Room

For my sons 3rd birthday my mom gave him a gift card to Amazon. We bought him a few Dr. Seuss books to read and two books we bought the same of for wall decor ideas ( The are you my mother book we were able to find used on amazon so I did not feel bad "ruining" a book) I had found online/decided on. I admit not a original idea, but planning the boys Dr. Suess room I had looked online for all things Dr. Suess and wall decor. I couldn't afford to buy most (or would not spend the money;-) ) of it and many was not exactly what I wanted anyways. So I folded and rolled the pages, scotch tape where needed and hot glued each page into the seam of the book-I am very happy with how it turned out and my son loves it. It is hot glued on to a canvas I bought at Michael s, they had a special where you buy 7 for $14 bucks I believe, which was cheaper than buying 2 by themselves!

The next one I just finished last night, it really takes maybe a hour?! However, I have been rather distracted with life;-), getting my home under control after HG and spending time with the kids. It is 3 canvases with pages from "Are You My Mother" it was Isaac's favorite book when he was 18 months, and now it is one of  Levi's favorites(although Hop on Pop definitely tops it- I may make one with that for Levi) The boy's will be sharing the Dr. Seuss room when we move.
This one is my favorite, I love the little bit of red color, it was actually quite fun to make!

For this one, you need :
A paper back(used for cheaper) book
Modge Podge (can be found at walmart) or watered down Elmer's glue may do the trick
Paper towel, or paint brush brush (don't use sponge)

You want to pick the phrases from the book and pictures that your child will recognize/loves the most, we always read from the beginners book so it does not have the plane and boat and car in it like in the regular Are You My Mother. I mainly focused on what the kids like and would notice. Try to cut out the paper in different ways, circles,squares, snip the corners etc. to make everything fit the best. I decided what I wanted on each canvas, I wanted it to go in the general story line of the book. Then I cut everything out so it would fit in a way that looks best( try to cut in different ways, squares, circles, snip ends etc),and then put just a little Modge Podge on top where the pictures that were going on top would be, the great thing about Modge Podge is its thin- so often times people will put it over top of fabric a paper and it will not leave that glossy glue look and it will be clear( as long as you don't use too much), I would do that as well for tough edges-it helped :-). I let it dry and then put sticky tack on the back of the canvases.
Tip: Do whatever you can to not move any of the paper after it is placed, a little sliding might be ok but only if you have just the right amount of glue as to not have the paper tear or be ripply (my first canvas you can see a bit of bubbling)


If you are looking to buy something like the first one, there is a someone on Etsy who has one with Cat in the Hat and may take custom orders( I can't find it now but I am sure if you type in the right words you could:-) ).

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