Friday, October 7, 2011

Love At First Sight(or Third)

The Perfect Fabric always makes me excited and motivated. The other day I was searching through Jo Anns for all the cutest flannel I could find for baby items for my soon to be Etsy store. They seemed to have a lot of regular nursery fabric(more than usual) and less flannel( I am hoping that changes with the season). I had to go through the isles at least three times before I found fabrics that coordinated just the way i wanted. 

Then after getting them cut I found my way to the ribbons, and boy do i love working with ribbon lately, as if getting pink and green together was not good enough. My new love, polka dots. Check out what I am going to get to work with!

 ^ some fleece from the remnant shelves, I thought i could use as some point.

 ^cute nursery fabric for a cloth block I have been meaning to make.

 (repeat after self, "I will not use this fabric for my own baby, I will not. . .")

 I just love things that match- every time my husband hears the phrase" and it matches!" (usually followed by a girly squeal), he rolls his eyes and gives me this grin. You know what I am talking about, the kind that says" you are goofy, but i love you anyways"- that kind;-). I am just one of those people who just like everything to be symmetrical and matching. Are you?

^ some jingle for baby.

You know what I think I am going to enjoy most though? Getting to finally use girly fabric. There is so much cute fabric out there, and I only get to work with about half of it. Starting an Etsy shop fills that little void in my sewing happiness. Getting to awe and ahh at little baby girl stuff.

In case you were wondering, I did get to make my first project which I will be posting to sell hopefully tonight. It is made up of  8in x 8 in squares all around, a pretty good sized play toy. I am pretty sure my 2 yr old thinks it is a gift for himself, since he is used to me saying " look what mommy made (for you)" :-).

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